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Jil Sander, © Peter Lindbergh

German Design Award 2018 – Jil Sander Receives Personality Award

Jil Sander, one of the most influential fashion designers of our time, is slated to receive the 2018 German Design Award’s ‘Personality’ prize. The jury’s statement: ‘Jil Sander is one of the few designers who have managed to always stay ahead of the times. In her work, art and design are inseparable. Her approach to design is radical and resolute; her collections are minimalist, clean and timelessly modern — set apart from all trends. It is perhaps for this reason that she has become an icon...

Laura Görs

German Design Award

Newcomer Award of the German Design Award 2018: The list of finalists is in

The finalists for the Newcomer Award of the German Design Award 2018 have been selected: Out of a total of 132 nominated German design schools, those in the running for the €15,000 prize include the designer duo Andreas Goebel and Mandolin Maidt, Laura Görs, Fynn Scheewe, Julian Sommer and Philipp Weber.

German Design Award

German Design Award: Benjamin Würkner is winner of the Newcomer Award 2017

A well-kept secret until the very end: it was announced only at the awards ceremony of the German Design Award 2017 that Benjamin Würkner was named Newcomer of the Year. In the selection process, Würkner prevailed over 120 young designers who were nominated for the prize. More than 1,400 guests attended the ceremonial presentation and celebrated this special honour, which is awarded annually, together with the young designer.

German Design Award 2017 Personality Hasso Plattner

German Design Award

2017 German Design Award — Hasso Plattner receives the Personality distincton

SAP founder Hasso Plattner has been selected for the 2017 German Design Award's Personality Prize for his achievements in disseminating and advancing the methodology of design thinking. The jury statement included the following comment: 'His prodigious commitment to design thinking, an approach modelled on the design process itself, has been instrumental in the ongoing development and teaching of this methodology in university programmes and workshops around the world.'

German Design Award

Newcomer Award of the German Design Awards 2017: The five finalists have been chosen

The finalists for the Newcomer Award of the German Design Awards 2017 have been selected: With their promising portfolios, the industrial designers Dirk Biotto, Janine Dasbeck, Peter Otto Vosding, Philippe Vossel and Benjamin Würkner have prevailed over 119 other nominees. They can be proud of their creative talent and extraordinary achievements, which the German Design Council wishes to honour and support with this prize for young designers.