Jil Sander © Peter Lindbergh

Jil Sander

Personality 2018
Skop Microscope

Julian Sommer

Julian Sommer find ways to enhance microscopes through digitalisation and automation, so as to create a 21st-century mass-market microscope.

A Strange Symphony

Philipp Weber

Philipp Webers work questions the distance that is created between people and materials through industrial manufacturing processes.

Salé - Kaviar Geschirr

Laura Goers

In a highly digitalised society, it’s important that objects enhance the user’s capabilities, engage with the user’s senses, and encourage the user to experiment.

M3 Mapping Trolley

A. Goebel & M. Maidt

The work of Andreas Goebel and Mandolin Maidt focus on user-friendliness despite any restrictive technical requirements of the product.

'I’m afraid I can’t do that'

Fynn Scheewe

Fynn Scheewe engage with artificial intelligence (AI) in his work.

Impressions of the award ceremony 2017 | Video: signaturefilms.de