Hasso Plattner

Prof. Dr. h. c. Hasso Plattner

Personality 2017

Plattner's tremendous commitment has been crucial to the international success of design thinking, which is now taught around the globe in university courses and workshops and is the subject of rigorous ongoing research. The founding member and former CEO of SAP doesn't want the next generation to be the only one comfortable in the digital world; rather, he wants to ensure that all population groups can take advantage of the benefits of the new technologies

Benjamin Würkner

Benjamin Würkner

Benjamin Würkner studied design at Offenbach University of Artand Design. During his studies, he founded Spacekitchen Frankfurt– a studio for interdisciplinary design and architecture. The central themes of his work include material design and bionics.

Impressions of the award ceremony 2017 | Video: signaturefilms.de

Dirk Biotto

The product portfolio of Dirk Biotto includes graphics concepts, an integrated kitchen concept and emergency housing for homeless people...

The Intuaid Project

Janine Dasbeck

Janine Dasbeck works with medical themes in societal and social contexts. Her work always revolves around the person and the structures in which his interaction is integrated...


Peter Otto Vosding

The work of Peter Otto Vossing in classic product design has impressively clean lines and a design vocabulary reduced to the essentials...


Philippe Vossel

Philippe Vossels' often technically very complex works take a playful approach to design and are characterised by a unique lightness of their own...


Benjamin Würkner

Benjamin Würkner enjoys translating bionic models into either highly complex or minimalistically simple objects that move in a creative field of material, form and structure...

Impressions of the jury session 2017 | Photos: Manuel Debus

The jury session took place on 20 and 21 July. The jury member consist of twelve nation and tried and evaluated the products and projects.

More impressions and statements of the jury members you will find in the video of the jury session on our YouTube channel.