Photo: Peter Lindbergh

Jil Sander

Personality 2018

Jil Sander is one of the few designers who have managed to always stay ahead of the times. In her work, art and design are inseparable. Her approach to design is radical and resolute; her collections are minimalist, clean and timelessly modern — set apart from all trends. It is perhaps for this reason that she has become an icon that manages to stick around through each and every contemporary shift in design

M3 Mapping Trolley

A. Goebel & M. Maidt

The work of Andreas Goebel and Mandolin Maidt focus on user-friendliness despite any restrictive technical requirements of the product.

Salé - Kaviar Geschirr

Laura Görs

In a highly digitalised society, it’s important that objects enhance the user’s capabilities, engage with the user’s senses, and encourage the user to experiment.

'I’m afraid I can’t do that'

Fynn Scheewe

Fynn Scheewe engage with artificial intelligence (AI) in his work.

Skop Microscope

Julian Sommer

Julian Sommer find ways to enhance microscopes through digitalisation and automation, so as to create a 21st-century mass-market microscope.

A Strange Symphony

Philipp Weber

Philipp Webers work questions the distance that is created between people and materials through industrial manufacturing processes.

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