Neubau eines Einfamilien- hauses, Regensburg

Neubau eines Einfamilien- hauses, Regensburg


Architect Thomas Eckert solved the challenge of creating a house with light, privacy and living quality on a cramped property by arranging bedrooms and bathroom around an atrium on the ground floor. On the upper floor there is the living room with a gallery and kitchen/dining room with a roof terrace facing west. With scale, proportion and materials, the building is subordinated to the surrounding historic fishermen’s houses, but the façade and details show a contemporary design language.

Statement of the jury

The outer form of this design is based on the neighbouring buildings, while still lending the structure a distinctive identity all its own. The main achievement here is to have created a single-family dwelling on a relatively small plot, and whose interior is congenially open and amply dimensioned and whose space is used optimally.


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