Falkenjagd Hoplit Pinion

Falkenjagd Hoplit Pinion


Our 18 gears Pinion touring bike, made from scratch- and corrosion-resistant titanium tubes, is an expedition bike through and through: extremely solid, and exceptionally reliable thanks to its frame-fitted Pinion internal gearing system. Due to the thru-axles, the bike has a payload of 185 kg. With its slider dropouts, the frame can be fitted with 650B and 700C wheels. With titanium fork, titanium racks or components the bike represents state of the art and is the pinnacle of bike technology.

Statement of the jury

This touring bike sets standards in several regards with its rugged, maintenance-free drive system, excellent riding comfort and a very respectable payload, making the Falkenjagd Hoplit Pinion the perfect bike for long trips.


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