Zusammen sind wir Heimat

Zusammen sind wir Heimat


Caritas wants to recapture the word “Heimat” (homeland, feeling at home) from the right wing and turn it into a means of integration. Therefore we claimed the word, using it not only as a location, but more as a feeling of belonging and understanding. The film starts off with the most iconic German sights and poetically leads us to the human side of “Heimat”. The posters and print ads show Germany’s new photo walls, that now look more colourful and diverse. Integration thus becomes natural.

Jury statement

A fresh, lively and socially relevant campaign which, in conjunction with the tagline “Zusammen sind wir Heimat” (home together) endows the German term “Heimat” (which means both “home” and “homeland” and involves the elements of descendance, tradition and intimate community) with a new and positive meaning.


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