Hosting dinner parties for friends or colleagues? Dislikes remembers what not to serve – and also remembers what they really like. Vegan? Allergies? Gluten intolerant? You can easily change or create your own categories, for example “peanuts” or “no carbs.” Our favorite feature, “group view,” organises your friends’ preferences so you can instantly see everyone’s likes and dislikes, from “absolute no-goes,” to “maybes,” to “everybody’s in”.

Statement of the jury

Anyone who has ever invited a friend or acquaintance to go out to dinner with them will understand how essential this app is. Moreover, it’s so intelligently designed that the user quickly understands which dishes are a good choice, and which are best avoided. A superb app that simplifies planning and protects against unpleasant surprises – and thus helps to preserve friendships.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design