Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital KFJ, Wien

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital KFJ, Wien


This hospital is an example of a 19th-century pavilion layout. The pavilions have been linked, roof gardens added, and the park made public to bring the outdoors inside. The design also meets demanding functional requirements, and the interaction between the different architectural spaces creates a lively and positive sense of movement. The modular floor plan allows the hospital to expand in the future without disrupting its basic structure.

Statement of the jury

This rigorously linear and strikingly staggered and clearly structured hospital building, with its contemporary façade design, exerts an open and inviting effect. The most interesting aspect of the design is the pattern that cleverly transposes the vertical façades of the surrounding buildings into abstract graphics – and thus very elegantly creates a reference to the environs and the city.


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