Schneeweißer Schindelstern

Schneeweißer Schindelstern


This single-family house for an elderly couple is situated between alpine peaks of up to 2,500 m. The snowcapped mountains are the characterizing element of the landscape. The play of light between the rocks and the snow – the white and the black elements are translated into the idea of the façade made of black and white cement shingles like a pixelated picture of the mountain tops themselves. The form of the building is a three-armed star, each arm or wing with a different function and private quality.

Statement of the jury

The idea of transposing the visual interplay between the surrounding mountains and their chiaroscuro surfaces to a building facade has been implemented in an intriguing fashion here. From a formal design standpoint, the building is notable for its three wings arranged in a star formation. The building’s well-proportioned and minimalist architecture is interestingly broken up by sculpturally incised elements.


Excellent Communications Design