STOK laundry

STOK laundry


STOK laundry is a multi-purpose detachable washing line with wall-mounted hooks. It is designed for use in tiny spaces, such as a hallway or, bathroom where there is dead space. It is engineered to be installed at a maximum angle of 60° diagonally, so that it also allows you to use it in a corner, which tends to be a wasted spot. And hooks can be used as a general hook when the main units are not in use. The soap-like shaped main units feature the friendly, seamless design that are gentle on your hand.

Statement of the jury

STOK laundry is a brilliantly designed product in every respect that works even in the smallest space, thus using every available inch quite literally. A further ingenious feature is that the hooks on their own don’t remain unused, but simply become clothes hooks.


Excellent Product Design