MVRDV and COBE’s Ragnarock museum of pop, rock and youth culture in Denmark stands as an architectural embodiment of rock music for a range of creatives at all levels. The 3,100 m2 building with colossal cantilever houses the main museum and also includes an auditorium, administrative facilities and bar. The gold-studded building stands as the front-man in a larger 11,000 m2 masterplan, ROCKmagneten, set to transform the existing cement factories into a district for rock music and youth culture.

Statement of the jury

The entire interior and exterior of this building are endowed with a structure that is reminiscent of the acoustic cladding used in recording studios – a feature that not only creates a direct connection with music, but also lends the building a strikingly unique identity. The building’s dramatic overhang, along with the golden colouration and the red entrance area, embody the glamour of concert performances. This is a design that embodies dreams, down to the last detail.


Excellent Communications Design