A pathway floorwasher from a concealed light source, Tua is able to project a uniform, comfortable light across a long distance. Tua offers different options for illuminance and areas of illumination, according to the height of the luminiare. Tua’s optical module guarantees 10 lx in an area of 5 x 6 m using the 800 mm high version, 20 lx in an area of 4 x 5 m using the 600 mm high version and 30 lx in an area of 3 x 4 m using the 300 mm high version.

Statement of the jury

This exterior walking-path luminaire is notable for its charmingly simple and minimalist design, which is understated from an architectural standpoint in particular. Thanks to its slight sloping angle, the luminaire produces even lighting over a broad area.


Excellent Product Design