Wer war Leibniz? Kampagne zum Leibnizjahr 2016

Wer war Leibniz? Kampagne zum Leibnizjahr 2016


The objective of the campaign in 2016, the year of Leibniz, was to make Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s life work come alive in the form of an overview. Various types of advertising media presented the scholar who died in Hanover in 1716. He was most frequently seen in the form of life-size posters in üstra trains and stations. An üstra train completely covered in the baroque “Leibniz look” drove across the city. www.wer-war-leibniz.de

Statement of the jury

This striking, exciting campaign invites visitors to learn more about one of the great scientific geniuses of all time via a clearly designed and highly informative website. The site features a raft of scientific and social activities via a series of motifs where Leibniz is depicted amidst a collage that clearly illustrates the discipline in question. Colour coding helps the user to make the relevant distinctions.


Excellent Communications Design
Integrated Campaigns and Advertising