Audi Brand Appearance – vom Monolog zum Dialog

Audi Brand Appearance – vom Monolog zum Dialog


The starting point for Audi’s new CD was an interdisciplinary approach to developing design principles for all analogue and digital media. In a co-creation-process we developed a visual identity designed to be “digital first”. Our idea: Introduce dynamic principles instead of complicated rules and establish creative freedom. The brand portal to communicate the new CI is accessible to everyone – an innovation in the automotive industry, and a symbol of new openness.

Statement of the jury

From monologue to dialogue: with its new, exceedingly contemporary and extremely sophisticated CI, Audi showed that it had the courage to change in the course of which all decisions feel right and appropriate to the brand. Not even the tiniest detail was left to chance, so that the viewer is presented with an image that appears to be all of a piece. While print was formerly the basis for conceptualisation, the directive “digital first” now applies which the CI consistently reflects – from the colour, the horizontal structure and the graphic design to the liberated logo to the typography and imagery, everything is carefully coordinated and perfectly combined without losing sight of the formative design features. A bold, pleasantly simplified design freed from antiquated imagery without disavowing its tradition and origins.


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