A cylindrical body and an asymmetric, tapered collar – for Scottish-Swedish designer duo Office for Product Design, these qualities represent the essence of a modern vase. The purist design is underlined by a glossy surface inside the cone that is available in platinum, gleaming gold, plain white or striking black and produces a reflective effect that accentuates individual flowers or grasses. A delicate lattice design makes the flowers almost float in the vase.

Statement of the jury

The Fondale’s unusual design turns the traditional vase on its head in a unique way by transforming the body of the vase into the foot, and the foot into the mouth. The result is a puristic, elegant vase with a design idiom reminiscent of an exotic flower bell. The glossy interior surface contrasts perfectly with the exterior surface and underscores the vase’s sophisticated appearance. An unbelievably stylish, stable item that works well with or without flowers.


Excellent Product Design