SEAT Magalog „Exploring Freedom – Der neue SEAT Leon Cupra“

SEAT Magalog „Exploring Freedom – Der neue SEAT Leon Cupra“


Deviating from familiar reporting styles, this is uniquely crafted storytelling. The SEAT Leon Cupra Magalog is unconventional, modern. The topics take on a creative format, with atmospheric imagery and a generous layout. It presents people who live in Barcelona and work creatively. It’s about exploding colours, the Leon Cupra and Ducati motorbikes. It also forms an arc between racing and cognitive science. In short – this is unexpected content marketing with a shot of adrenaline.

Statement of the jury

This customer magazine is notable for its surprisingly fresh and spontaneous narratives, which are admirably enhanced by the youthful design. A creative publication that conveys a tremendous sense of joie de vivre.


Excellent Communications Design