HafenCity Branding

HafenCity Branding


The city branding case of HafenCity Hamburg – “Hello, HCH!” uses music to link people and the city; people can feel HafenCity with music. They can also create music from HafenCity. The brand communication consists of three parts; the first part is the new HafenCity visual identity (e.g. dynamic logo). The second part is the app; users can use this app to create and listen to music from HafenCity and explore the HafenCity with its music. The last part is the Music Festival.

Statement of the jury

The excitingly executed idea of experiencing HafenCity through music has been rendered clear and understandable by means of a logo based on a simple audio graphic. Its graphical principle has been systematically carried over to the digital medium, thus ensuring that the concept will be instantly recognisable.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity