Geschäftsbericht der Dortmunder Volksbank 2016

Geschäftsbericht der Dortmunder Volksbank 2016


The annual 2016 report for Dortmunder Volksbank picks up on the third part of the concept “Feel, See, Experience”. The title page and several fold-out pages show 360 degree panoramic photos from the region. An online link allows the recipient to experience the selected panoramas in a room, to move, and receive further information. This experience gets even more virtual when using the attached VR glasses, which make it possible to immerse into the world of 3D using a smartphone.

Statement of the jury

What impressed the jury about this design was how superbly the issue of feeling a connection with one’s region has been treated handled, not only from an analog standpoint, but also in terms of design, pictures and editorial content.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design