The cultural center is strongly characterized by 40 cm thick walls, built according to local traditional methods, and using stone that came from the village’s pit. The stone has a very unique blue shade, which is why it is commonly called “blue stone”. It comes from sedimentary rocks and its major components are limestone and dolomite. The strong and obsessive presence of the stone creates an intimate interior space and shows the architects’ deep respect for the historical masonry traditions.

Statement of the jury

The CHETIAN CULTURAL CENTER is a design of outstanding quality that refers sensitively and respectfully to the heritage of the town in which it was built. Not only was the attempt made to build up the walls using the traditional method – a technique that has unfortunately been lost – but the sedimentary rocks with their unique blue colouring and yellow accents were carved out of the local quarry by hand by local stonemasons. This is an impressive building and a remarkable social project whose architecture reveals a deep respect for one of the oldest ethnic minorities in China, whose members have lived in this village in the Chinese province of Guizhou for more than four centuries. A stunning building and a confident statement.


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