AARVER Swiss Dry Gin

AARVER Swiss Dry Gin


There’s no secret or fabricated heritage story, AARVER is simply distilled to the pure embodiment of the Swiss alps. It’s appearance is bold and vivid, strikingly colourful yet clear and well-rounded, with a content that’s down-to-earth. Created by Only Good Spirits in Zurich, AARVER is produced in the Swiss canton of Aargau, where the merging of traditional and state-of-the-art methods make for a very contemporary creation with a solid message: It’s straightforward, distinctive and memorable.

Statement of the jury

This Swiss brand adroitly combines conventional graphics with a design that is highly unusual for gin – but that is also a complete departure from what the competition does. The impression that the product is special is heightened by the fact that one and the same type of gin is available in four different colours.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity