GREEN VELVET Absinthe Originale

GREEN VELVET Absinthe Originale


The historic home of absinthe is a green valley in Switzerland – the Val-de-Travers. It’s where we went back to in order to bring the rich history of absinthe into the Now with GREEN VELVET Absinthe Originale. It’s appearance is reduced to essential elements and a clear message, whereas form and style interpret the original absinthe with sophistication for a contemporary market. Created in Zürich, GREEN VELVET is distilled according to a recipe from 1898 for a modern and memorable experience.

Statement of the jury

This beverage still has a legendary quality about it that works to the brand’s benefit. This is underscored by the adroit narrative element, which forms a bridge between the traditional manufacturing process and the present day. The fact that this element recurs in the brand design, which combines tradition and modernity, is only logical.


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