Palco Framer Low Voltage

Palco Framer Low Voltage


Palco LV extends the Palco framers in the micro-dimension (Ø 51, 35, 19 mm) powered by 48 V and is dimmable via DALI powerline controls. Palco LV framer (Ø 37, 19 mm) allows high luminous density and efficiency due to the use of CoB LEDs combined with a patented collimation element made by a telecentric lens-based reflector which emits a very precise beam. Magnetic coupling with metallic gobo and outer fins for a stepless manual adjusting and shaping the beam of light in round or square shapes.


The Palco Framer Low Voltage is an extremely compact zoomable track spotlight featuring a charmingly clear design. The Palco provides a precise light beam and illumination of outstanding quality.


Excellent Product Design