Marieninsel Frankfurt

Marieninsel Frankfurt


The two office towers Marienturm and Marienforum are currently being built in the context of the Marieninsel Frankfurt project development in the CBD. The campaign centres around the claim “Cultivating Work” that sums up the aspirations for creating an aesthetic, inspiring, professional new working environment geared towards ensuring maximum wellbeing of the staff. Two brands are created that position the two individual building projects and at the same time tell the story about “VOYAGE – to Marieninsel”.

Statement of the jury

This strategic and communicative presentation for both new construction projects on Marieninsel in Frankfurt’s financial district is a major achievement in terms of both materials and design. The project also beautifully exceeds the project developer’s expectations as expressed in all of the project’s promotional materials. “Cultivating work” is an apt claim for the project – one that encapsulates the campaign as an affective parenthesis.


Excellent Communications Design