Umhüllter Baukörper „Cocooning“

Umhüllter Baukörper „Cocooning“


The surrounding – “house with roof”– gave the impetus for the reinterpretation. The covering of the dwelling should be based on the natural topography of the plot. Like an endless loop, the design connects exterior (nature) and interior and forms a retreat for cocooning for all four seasons. The “Aalener UFO” keeps in touch with the ground by two gangways, which are also covered with aluminium. Well landed is the formal idiom of our ad2 office style.

Statement of the jury

This striking building is notable for its polygonal aluminium roof, part of which extends to the ground. Large, irregularly shaped window openings prevent the structure from looking unduly heavy, and at the same time break up the design in a congenial fashion. This is a futuristic design which, despite its unusual design aesthetic, blends seamlessly into its environs.


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