Große Qualität auf kleiner Fläche

Große Qualität auf kleiner Fläche


House for two people. The architectural theme: two horizontal slabs (roof, terrace) with inserted wooden box as “backbone”. The elongated box contains rooms and adjoining rooms. It is preceded by the living area, which expands into the garden. The kitchen is the main focus. The roof slab extends over the terrace by 2.5 m. It forms the structural shading for the glazed areas and allows to use the terrace on rainy days. Living, terrace and garden merge into one area.

Jury statement

The clear and linear design of this residential building features a contiguous glass façade on three sides, such that the interior space seems to merge with the environs. The interior is endowed with an extremely high-quality appearance and comfort to match. The well-balanced design aesthetic of this building radiates great tranquillity, of the type one would wish for in such a locale.


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