SP-01 TEKNO SUPERFLOW S – S3 id match

SP-01 TEKNO SUPERFLOW S – S3 id match


The new SP-01, result of a cutting-edge combination of carbon properties, introduces a revolutionary concept of style, skilfully blending comfort, aesthetics and resistance. This product stands out for its innovative and adaptive rear frame, divided into two independent parts that adapt to the special »suspension link movement«. Its shape is designed to effectively support the movement of your pelvis without compromising stability while pedalling.

Statement of the jury

Constructed of high-tech materials, this bicycle seat meets the highest standards in terms of being lightweight, comfortable, stable, flexible and visually appealing. An exclusive product whose style blends seamlessly with many classy bicycles and whose performance is in sync with them as well.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Bicycles and E-Bikes