WAREMA Lamaxa Lamellendach L60/L70

WAREMA Lamaxa Lamellendach L60/L70


The heavenly Lamaxa slat roofs from WAREMA combine elegant, free-standing sun and rain protection independent from the house. The resistant slats can be flexibly tilted as well as retracted and extended. In this way the sun is perfectly controlled and the outdoor sitting area remains comfortably protected even when it’s raining. The wide range of colours and extensive accessories provides great individuality while the clever design provides secure sun and weather protection at the same time.

Statement of the jury

This al fresco seating solution’s adjustable slatted roof makes it usable in both sunny and rainy weather. The product’s intriguing design entails a modern combination of functionality and modern aesthetics. A large selection of colours and models allows for a high degree of individuality.


Excellent Product Design
Building and Elements