Bosch Concept Car CES 2017

Bosch Concept Car CES 2017


Bosch is presenting its vision of future driving with a new concept car. Connectivity and interaction-optimised design of interior and displayed content are turning the car, alongside home and work, into a »3rd living space« and enabling the safe operation of comprehensive services. In addition, automated driving will soon give drivers more time to dedicate to other activities. Drivers and passengers will be able to spend their time in the car to write emails, or entertain themselves with music or videos.

Statement of the jury

The superlative design and technology of the concept car Bosch Show Car provides an exciting glimpse of how the cars of the future will be used. The interaction-optimised design of the interior and display is particularly impressive, as is the mix of materials used. Wood and leather lend the car a high-quality and familiar look and feel, and at the same time create an appealing contrast with the plastics and the sober, futuristic design language used in the vehicle. An absolutely fascinating, »sui generis« creation that stands out from the mainstream of design and that constitutes an innovative interface between car, home and environment. An extremely cool automobile concept for the future.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Transportation