With the ORIMONO, a Japanese wool fabric, Irsap gives the radiator a more friendly touch, combining a rounded geometry made of aluminium with a contemporary textile made of Kvadrat fabric (90% natural wool and 10% nylon). Available fabric colours: sage, brick and saffron coupled with a white frame, or air force blue and ash with an anthracite frame. The concept follows the evolution of textiles moving from furnishings to the building itself, and to fixed elements of the domestic space. Available in hydraulic and electric versions.

Statement of the jury

The round ORIMONO radiator represents a fresh and unprecedented approach to radiator design. The use of atypical yet very cosy materials such as wool and textiles not only creates the impression that the ORIMONO is an object, but also marks an across-the-board shift from the technical to the homely and decorative. A beautiful and easy-going idea that offers high-quality specific solutions that give rise to new and appealing attractive possibilities for interior design.


Excellent Product Design