On the PLISAGO made of manufactured porcelain, a three-dimensional plisse represents both form and decoration and shows the poetic aspect, the sensuousness of porcelain while at the same time playing with textile softness. The play of tension between material and form was created, among other things, with special software – parameters, algorithms and luck created an interplay of straightness and asymmetry. The production in one piece requires special know-how due to its size and design.

Jury statement

For a furniture designer, working with a highly sophisticated material like porcelain is tantamount to undertaking an experiment whose outcome is uncertain. And when it comes to this intriguing side table, the manufacturing process is about as complex and lengthy as it gets. But the experiment paid off, resulting in a uniquely beautiful product that is both inconspicuous and timeless. The product’s delicate design language makes it seem so light-weight that it’s hard to believe it actually weighs 30 pounds – but if you lift it off the grown, that does in fact prove to be the case. A fascinating and sui generis piece of furniture – the result of an innovative design process that agreeably combines a generative concept with traditional craftsmanship. A successful experiment.


Excellent Product Design