Trifidae lounge chair

Trifidae lounge chair


Trifidae are a family of three different armchairs deriving from a single typological origin. The easy chair, armchair and lounge chair share a specific structure, similar triangulated forms sprouting from a centre, resulting in a characteristically floral character that inspires the botanical title of the series. The enclosing backrest produces an introverted, expressive armchair, shielding its user, while the slim backrest suggests a more sociable, less reserved quality and usage of the chair.

Statement of the jury

The consistent use of triangular forms in the design of this armchair family make it highly distinctive, a quality which stands out most in the tall, multicoloured variant. With its bold, brash colours, this piece has a very jazzy effect, which lends a particular ambience to the room it is in.


Excellent Product Design