Clever Baking Backform Gugelhupf 2tlg.

Clever Baking Backform Gugelhupf 2tlg.


Sponge mixture or yeast dough, marbled, with or without raisins – the trendy pastry with its characteristic shape is always the right choice. Bundt cake works best in our two-piece cake mould. The inside part can also be removed and used as a measuring cup. The dough bakes evenly, the functional rim makes it very easy to take the mould out of the oven and then carry it. After baking you can lovingly decorate the patio steps with a dash of icing sugar and fresh berries for pure enjoyment.

Statement of the jury

This baking tin ensures that ring cakes will come out perfectly every time and is notable for its sensible details that make baking easier and more comfortable. Here, the designers have successfully optimised a classic baking tin that’s long since proven its worth.


Excellent Product Design