Nodi Armchair

Nodi Armchair


Light and airy, the Nodi Armchair’s silhouette is characterised by twisted, interlaced rope in weather-resistant Canax® stretched across a precise geometric wireframe. Pared back, refined proportions and a minimalist approach to materiality lend a casual lightness to the collection. The slim profile of the arm is angled slightly inward in a welcoming gesture. The open weaving in the Canax®, a combination of PVC and natural hemp, provides structure and comfort to the seat and back.

Statement of the jury

Stylish, light and inviting, the Nodi Armchair appears to take an understated approach to materials that adds a tranquil lightness to the product, while the sloping transition of the chair is seemingly reminiscent of open arms to welcome the user.


Excellent Product Design
Gardening and Outdoor Living