Glued Visor

Glued Visor


Four years in the making, the frame was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche and developed in conjunction with Rodenstock. The frame is made of 100 % titanium and the shield of polycarbonate with a silver mirror coating. It is affixed to the front by a special elastic adhesive. The adhesive is precisely applied by a 6-axis robot using the so-called »formed-in-place« technology. the mechanism for insertion of a windshield into a vehicle served as inspiration for the concept.

Statement of the jury

Inspired by techniques used in the Automotive industry, the glasses seem to exude character and strength, which is reflected in the materials and uncommon manufacturing approach taken in their creation. Sleek lines and uniform presence of the mirrored shield appear complimented by the Titanium frame to form a timeless piece.


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