Es wird Nacht im Berlin der Wilden Zwanziger

Es wird Nacht im Berlin der Wilden Zwanziger


A bibliophile, fully-illustrated book about the golden era of the German capital. In a blend of illustrations, facts, anecdotes and an accompanying CD of original recordings, this book presents five dozen leading lights from Berlin’s entertainment industry, as well as the artistic, literary, cinematographic and political scene during the Weimar Republic. Illustration, typography, design, and the CD form a graphic and multi-sensual unit.

Statement of the jury

The superb illustrations and explanatory texts plunge the reader into the throbbing life of 1920s Berlin and make the cultural, political and technological developments of this halcyon era vivid in a cavalcade-like fashion. The book’s typography and graphics strike a perfect balance between a nostalgic and a contemporary mindset.


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