Die Zombie-Apokalypse – Sei vorbereitet!

Die Zombie-Apokalypse – Sei vorbereitet!


Purchasing groceries online is a relatively new market, but early adopters can hardly be reached through conventional advertising. This includes users of streaming services – such as The Walking Dead Fans. Therefore REWE Lieferservice went in a whole new direction and positioned itself with an ultimate offer for a zombie apocalypse: whoever shops from home will survive. It applied a design language which was developed for digital usage and which allowed the combination of zombies and groceries.

Statement of the jury

This inventive campaign uses Halloween – when myriad zombies are on the move – for the company to position itself via an ultimate offer for zombie apocalypse (and with a sly wink to fans of the TV show The Walking Dead). An approach that’s in step with the times, witty and perfect for the relevant target group.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Integrated Campaigns and Advertising