A white house, a growing home

A white house, a growing home


LIU KAI and RIGI designed this white 3-story residence in a common Shanghai old-style lane. The original architecture was completed in 1947, which consists of 3 floors, 5.5 meters in width, and about 15.2 meters in depth. Designer reinforced the whole architecture, and unified the height of the entire building. The staircase in the northern side was torn down, skylight and staircase are designed to be the center of the architecture, reshaping the whole logic and form of this 3-story building.

Statement of the jury

The interior design concept employed here is notable for the marvellously clear, light and generously proportioned segmentation of the residential units – and the fact that the available space is used very intelligently.


Excellent Communications Design
Interior Architecture


Miss Jiang & Mr. Xu