This aircraft is designed for four people. Because it is able to land and take off in short distances, it can be used in mountainous areas. Half-wings under the main wings provide more balanced gliding. Also, the supporting parts between the main wings and the half-wings supply more stability to the wing structure. By using floats under the half-wings, it is possible to land on sea. Moreover, perforated seating units provide lightness and a spacious interior. The high-top canopy makes the plane extra capacious.

Statement of the jury

Alquila’s Alpina is a pleasantly compact and exciting sports aircraft. It is notable not only for its excellent flight characteristics, but also – and despite its small size – for its comfortable interior that seems amazingly spacious. The Alpina also boasts features that are seldom found in this class and size of plane such as a retractable undercarriage and additive wings. A sensational, totally contemporary and elegantly designed aircraft that is ideal for short distances.


Excellent Product Design
Aviation, Maritime and Railway