Minimalism maximised – Como is an elegant and lightweight backpack with a clear silhouette and a clever strap detail that is shifted to the front. A calm and subtle design with high recognition value due to its sophisticated details. The vegan cork leather finish shows the potential of plant-based materials as an alternative to leather. Como is handcrafted by the designers in their studio in the northern Black Forest.

Statement of the jury

The idea of making a backpack out of vegan cork bark rather than animal leather initially aroused the jury’s curiosity and, after closer examination, easily impressed it. Not only does the leather-like material feel warm and supple, it also looks very special and, together with the elegant, clear cut and the striking pleat, lends the backpack a touch of extravagance. The support, which is moved to the front, is a clever solution that provides plenty of arm room, makes carrying more comfortable overall and also contributes to closing the bag even more securely. A great, cleverly thought-out accessory that impressively demonstrates the potential of plant-based materials as a sustainable alternative to animal leather.


Excellent Product Design
Lifestyle and Fashion