Cycle and Pedestrian Path under the Adolphe Bridge

Cycle and Pedestrian Path under the Adolphe Bridge


The project is made of a light metal construction, suspended from the ceiling of the historic bridge above it by fine suspension cables. At a length of 154 m, this filigree construction seems to be hanging in the air between the massive bridge piers. It provides views into and through the bridge piers and opens new perspectives. With its filigree construction, the bicycle bridge blends into the overall picture of the historical bridge as a fine horizontal line and shows respect for it.

Statement of the jury

The idea of integrating a footbridge for cyclists and pedestrians directly under the roadway into the historic substance of the bridge is as simple as it is ingenious. Viewed from the side, the filigree metal construction hardly interferes with the overall historical image of the bridge and can only be perceived at second glance. A highly elegant solution with a small impact and large function.


Excellent Architecture
Urban Space and Infrastructure