The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky

The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky


»The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky« is a travelling exhibit dedicated to the extraordinary worlds created by one of Russia’s most famous poets and songwriters of the 20th century. The immersive experience, conceived and curated by Yan Vizinberg, combines carefully reconstructed Soviet spaces, use of interactive multimedia as well as over two thousand artefacts from the Soviet period that include Vysotsky’s guitar and manuscripts.


The exhibition impresses with carefully reconstructed rooms from Soviet history, each of which has something to do with the poetry of Vladimir Vysotsky: for example, an apartment with a kitchen from the 40s, a kiosk and a hospital room from the 70s. Combined with incredible attention to detail (and not least the faceless figures), the large number of props make the rooms look like frozen images from a film, in turn making the world of the artist and poet even more tangible. An immersive exhibition in which there is an incredible amount to discover, both analogue and digital, which touches the viewer emotionally and whose images will probably remain in their mind for a long time to come.


Excellent Architecture
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