Robber Hotzenplotz, a participatory childrens’ exhibition

Robber Hotzenplotz, a participatory childrens’ exhibition


A children’s exhibition about Robber Hotzenplotz for the Landesmuseum in Stuttgart. The world of the first book from 1962 is translated into a life-sized puppet theatre. Lots of analogue activities and games, each representing a part of the story, are hidden behind and between the scenes. More is hidden: animals in trees, graffiti and other little jokes. All this makes visitors feel that there is always something extra to discover and that there is magic in simple things.

Statement of the jury

After it first appeared in the 1960s, the famous children’s book has stolen the hearts of countless youngsters. The funny story of the robber Hotzenplotz, who steals the coffee grinder from Kasper’s grandmother, has entered the collective memory – along with the fantastic illustrations that accompanied the very first edition. The design of the exhibition was no less loving. With a great eye for detail and even more things to discover, it doesn’t just widen the eyes of children. A consistently strong exhibition, which not only inspires and entertains with its digital exhibits, but also and above all with its many analogue and tactile ones, which inspires participation, which astounds and inspires laughter and which lets you newly experience the magic of the book even more than half a century after its first publication.


Excellent Architecture
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