Old Trades of Jiangsu

Old Trades of Jiangsu


A thick wad of greyish brown paper, roughened on all sides, is held together on the left by rudimentary side-sewing. The ends of the string – also made of coarse paper – are pressed flat like dried flowers. The whole thing feels like a pliable pillow. Black and white photographs on the packing paper and colour photos on ultra-thin, yellow-white laid paper with fold-out pages in a slightly smaller format show people working on their crafts.

Statement of the jury

There are some books, whose content is not their only striking feature; their special design is already reason enough to place them on a pedestal. And »Old Trades of Jiangsu« is undoubtedly one of them. At first glance only a pile of rough paper, the object reveals itself on closer inspection to be a masterpiece of craftsmanship, which delights with many details. From the delicate binding to the tactile quality of the coarse paper to the clean print image. The colour photos printed on thin, lighter paper are also very beautiful and can be folded out. A fantastic piece of work that recalls how sensual a book can be – even if you can’t understand the printed characters.


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