365 grateful – calendar series

365 grateful – calendar series


With the turn of the year, Studio SÜD compliments its clients and friends with a special calendar format: An impulse for each day of the year may lead to an inspiring everyday life – or at least to a smile on our friends’ faces. With added stickers, experienced items can be marked as done on the poster. Concept and size remain the same every year while topics and design vary in order to guarantee a surprise for the users.


Do 365 sometimes more, sometimes less crazy things, or at least think about the 365 statements that might just make you smile – one to be crossed off for every day of the year. All together on one big sheet. For five years now, there have been incredibly beautiful new designs every year. With this fantastic calendar concept, the designers have succeeded in keeping the quality of both form and content at a permanently high level, year after year. A fantastic, very creative piece of work, both in terms of artwork and text, which is decorative and arouses curiosity. Once you’ve started reading the statements, you can’t stop.


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