Mediateka Tychy

Mediateka Tychy


Mediateka in Tychy is a library of the 21st century. Our task was to make a building friendly and understandable for people of all ages. We were also tied to a small budget, so we had to utilise commonly available materials. We also had to pay attention to safety, so graphics mark nearly all of the glass walls. As a result, line and geometry became a main inspiration for the whole system – it appears in pictograms and huge room numerals. Even the typeface fullfils the geometrical, minimalistic look of the system.

Statement of the jury

The Mediateka Tychy covers an area of almost 4,500 sm and includes various areas that can be easily and intuitively located using the guidance system. The combination of geometric lines, pictograms and typography makes it easy for all ages and foreign visitors to understand. It is not only highly functional, but also creates its own identity. A signage system that is as intelligent as it is elegant and clearly thought-out, it does justice to a public building of this size and degree of modernity down to the last detail.


Excellent Communications Design
Signage and Wayfinding