Niessing Cube

Niessing Cube


Four cuboid rectangles are interwoven to form Niessing Cube. The appearance of the structure changes according to the way it is threaded onto the coil and along with the movements of the wearer. As soon as the cube of four interlaced rectangles is lifted up, swinging freely from a coil, everything changes – geometric order shifts into dynamic chaos. Niessing Cube plays with the singularity of the moment: strict geometry or dynamic dance, order or chaos.

Statement of the jury

Gold has fascinated people for thousands of years and has an almost magical effect on them. Taking the form of the Niessing Cube, the precious metal comes into its own as a pendant in a very special way. Comprised of four rectangles loosely interwoven to form a cube, the original design, which is refined as it is simple, only display its full effect when worn on a chain or cord. With every movement the appearance changes, the strictly geometric cube becomes a ball of dynamic rectangles. A fascinating, timelessly elegant piece of jewellery that thrives on surprise and the interplay of order and chaos.


Excellent Product Design
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