This innovative larch-wood deckchair stands out due to its elegant ergonomic curvature. A unique hinge system allows quick folding into a flat, easily transported form. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the construction allows for wood swelling and shrinkage caused by changes in humidity and temperature.

Statement of the jury

The wooden lounger SIMPLIVITA is suitable for indoors and outdoors and immediately catches the eye thanks to its distinctive design language. The ergonomically curved re- clining surface tapers symmetrically on both sides to the same length, lending a wonderfully balanced appearance to the form. In addition, it has a captivating central folding mechanism, which allows the lounger made of larch wood to be folded completely flat, thus making it comfortably portable. Above all, however, the manufactured furniture offers exquisite resting comfort. A pleasantly natural product with a superbly timeless and elegant design that elegantly combines form and function.


Excellent Product Design
Gardening and Outdoor Living