m o r i i _ jar 1

m o r i i _ jar 1


By introducing a new approach, m o r i i defines an advanced development in the manufacturing of decorative urns using established and innovative methods. Inside the decorative jar the capsule is held in a secure and unalterable embrace. It is lowered into the receptacle by a special lowering technique which allows for the cremated ashes or memorabilia of the deceased to be buried at home. The minimalist formal language is obtained due to our unique capsule-resting technology.

Statement of the jury

The design of the m o r i i _ jar 1 decorative urn comprises three elements: an ornamental vessel with lid and an internal capsule for the ashes. Everything fits together so perfectly and precisely that you couldn’t make it any better. This is especially true of the lowering mechanism, which slowly and gently slides the inner capsule into the interior of the urn in an almost ceremonial way. An incredibly well made, extremely respectful design which, together with the pleasantly minimalist design language of the decorative vessel, radiates timeless elegance and high quality.


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