Siemens iQ700 Induktions-Kochfeld mit zoneLight

Siemens iQ700 Induktions-Kochfeld mit zoneLight


The zoneLight cooktop dispenses almost completely with any printing. An animated, blue light matrix underneath the ceramic surface assumes this function instead, allowing a new form of interaction. As soon as the first pan is placed on the cooktop, the user interface recognises its position and ensures full-surface heating – irrespective of its size or shape. If the cookware is moved, smart technology transfers the settings to the new position.

Statement of the jury

The innovative Siemens iQ700 induction hob with zoneLig does almost entirely without markings, thus emphasising an elegantly purist furnishing style. Pots, pans and suchlike can be placed anywhere on the induction field regardless of size and shape, as the intelligent technology automatically recognises their position. If the cookware is moved, all setting values are automatically transferred to the new position. A stylish and contemporary hob that offers maximum flexibility and makes cooking even easier and more comfortable.


Excellent Product Design