LV is a multifunctional chair that brought to perfection not only simplicity in design, but also seating comfort without excessive adjustments. Its innovative pivots embodied into the seat and backrest allow users to enjoy different working styles such as a forward tilt for desk work or reclined for relaxed use of mobile devices. LV is the ideal piece of furniture for modern office spaces as well as classic conference rooms.

Statement of the jury

The LV is a consistently successful office chair whose clear language of form makes it look rather plain at first glance, but whose aluminium frame and armrests make an extremely elegant and high-quality impression. The cushions of the seat and backrest are wonderfully comfortable and, together with the intelligently designed mechanism, ensure uncompromising seating comfort that allows for different working positions without the typical options for adjustment. With elegant proportions, a very beautiful silhouette and pleasant minimalism in the right places, this is an office chair that is outstandingly designed in every respect and can be perfectly integrated into many office scenarios and furnishing styles.


Excellent Product Design
Office Furniture