Electronics and mechanics: the perfect symbiosis. TORSIOTRONIC® – the first electromechanical torque screwdriver in the world. The patented trigger system is activated with audible and tactile signals when the target torque is reached. The tool measures as accurately as only an electronic torque tool can. TORSIOTRONIC® is the preferred tool if logging of operations is required, exact torques are to be applied and complex tightening sequences have to be adhered to.


The Torsiotronic® is the first electromechanical torque screwdriver in the world to promise results that are as precise as those offered by its electronic torque equivalent. Its ergonomic design ensures that it sits snugly and securely in the hand. With a clear and intuitive user interface, the display has been neatly integrated into the handle and is not only easy to operate, but also easy to read. The entire tool looks extremely compact, modern and high-quality, which is also noticeable in the pleasant, perfectly balanced – and not too light – weight. An outstandingly executed piece of design, which impresses down to the last detail, both formally and technically.


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